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Celebrating the success of Verne Q. Powell’s original design, the 1927 headjoint brings all the color and clarity found in vintage Powell Flutes to the present day. Upon starting his own company in 1927, Verne Q. Powell established an iconic American sound that had both nuance and charm. 95 years later, we’ve taken a modern approach to his ideas, modifying Verne’s original concept to give the power and projection needed by flutists today.

The Philharmonic is the iconic Powell sound; rich, deep, and intriguing. Offering the most resistance of all our styles, the Philharmonic features a broad, smooth lip plate reminiscent of the Louis Lot flutes. This style offers an extensive palette of colors which are perfect for blending with other instrument families in a symphony orchestra.

With a wide range of dynamics and characteristics, the Soloist is the sports car of headjoints. Sleek and simple with its narrow, curved lip plate, this style is incredibly flexible. Designed for the player who demands precision and performance.

The powerhouse of our headjoint offerings, the Venti style combines the response of the Soloist with the richness of the Philharmonic. This style has a broad lip plate with a steep front angle, producing fantastic response and projection.

The Lumina has style and panache. Supple yet responsive, it moves quickly throughout the range with little effort. This headjoint’s clean and energetic sound is the perfect complement to our more classic styles.

Technical specifications

  • Tubing choices : Sterling Silver .014", Sterling Silver .016", Aurumite 9K, Aurumite 14K, Ruby Aurumite, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 19.5K Rose Gold, Platinum, Grenadilla Wood
  • Lip Plate choices : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Wall choices : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 19.5K Rose Gold, Platinum
  • Crown choices : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Wings choices : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold
Powell Custom Dealers carry the full range of Powell flutes, piccolos, and headjoints from the professional Handmade Custom to the intermediate Powell Sonaré. They also offer highly specialized flute knowledge, experience and repair services
Powell Sonaré dealers carry the intermediate Powell Sonaré line of flutes and piccolos, and offer quality woodwind repair services.
Powell Signature dealers offer semi-professional handmade Signature flute and piccolo, as well as the intermediate Powell Sonaré flutes and piccolos

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