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19.5K Rose Gold

The lush, luxurious sound of the 19.5K Rose Gold flute owes its characteristic richness to the high density of this alloy. With a gold content of over 80%, the addition of copper gives the sound flexibility and color.

The 19.5K flute is available with either a Sterling Silver or 10K Yellow Gold mechanism, and is immediately recognizable by the addition of vintage-style flat rings on the center-joint barrel and footjoint.

Technical specifications

  • Body
  • Pitch : A-440/442/444
  • Tubing Material : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Tubing Thickness : .012"
  • Tone hole Type : Soldered or Drawn
  • Tone hole Material : Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold or 14k Rose Gold
  • Rings, Ribs, Posts : Matches mechanism material
  • Barrel : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Footjoint : B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo : Standard
  • Scale : Modern Powell Scale
  • G Disc : Available
  • Headjoint
  • Tube Material : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Lip Plate Material : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Wall Material : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Crown Material : 19.5K Rose Gold
  • Style : Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti
  • Mechanism
  • Type : Pinless Mechanism (standard) or Pinned Mechanism (special order)
  • Keywork Material : Sterling Silver or 10K Yellow Gold
  • G keys : In-line or Offset
  • Cups : French
  • Arms : Pointed Arms
  • C# Trill : Available
  • Split-E : Available
  • D# Roller : Available
  • Open G# : Available
  • Springs : 10K White Gold
  • Pads
  • Type : Straubinger™ Pads
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