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Aurumite 14K

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Aurumite 14K flute was the very first of its kind to bridge the gap from silver to gold flutes. A combination of an interior 14K Rose Gold layer with an exterior layer of Sterling Silver, the sound of this special instrument is dark, yet sweet.

Definitive, established, and stylish, the Powell 14K Aurumite is available with a Sterling Silver mechanism and soldered tone holes, this flute can be upgraded with 14K Rose Gold tone holes, rings, ribs, and posts.

Technical specifications

  • Body
  • Pitch : A-440/442/444
  • Tubing Material : Aurumite 14K
  • Tubing Thickness : .016"
  • Tone hole Type : Soldered Only
  • Tone hole Material : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold upgrade available (14K tone holes, ribs, rings, and posts)
  • Rings, Ribs, Posts : Sterling Silver, 14K Rose Gold upgrade available (14K tone holes, ribs, rings, and posts)
  • Barrel : Sterling Silver
  • Footjoint : B or C Foot available
  • Gizmo : Standard
  • Scale : Modern Powell Scale
  • G Disc : Available
  • Headjoint
  • Tube Material : Aurumite 14K
  • Lip Plate Material : Sterling Silver
  • Wall Material : 14K Rose Gold
  • Crown Material : Sterling Silver
  • Style : Lumina, Philharmonic, Soloist, Venti
  • Mechanism
  • Type : Pinless Mechanism (standard) or Pinned Mechanism (special order)
  • Keywork Material : Sterling Silver
  • G keys : In-line or Offset
  • Cups : French
  • Arms : Pointed Arms
  • C# Trill : Available
  • Split-E : Available
  • D# Roller : Available
  • Open G# : Available
  • Springs : 10K White Gold
  • Pads
  • Type : Straubinger™ Pads
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