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Enter your Serial Number below to view specific information pertaining to your Handmade Powell instrument. To request an Insurance Appraisal, please email us with your Serial Number, Full Name, and Mailing/Residential Address. Due to the large number of appraisal requests, please allow time for Powell processing. Thank you!

Lookup Tips:

  • For Powell Handmade instruments only, Sonaré are not included
  • Signature Flute and Piccolo prefixes (ex: SIG-1234 or SPIC-001)
  • Conservatory, 2100, and 3100 Flute prefixes (ex: HC-0578, CHM-0001, CH-0517, 31-3020, or 21-0027)
  • Custom, Commercial, and Traditional instruments are without prefixes

If after you have tried these tips and you have questions about your lookup results, please contact us for more information.

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